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Cement can now be sprayed on like paint! Introducing Spray-Top!

Concrete Solutions was the first company to introduce 1/4” Stamped Concrete in 1995 and we were the first to introduce Spray-Top to the World of Concrete show in 2002. It is still the only product of its kind on the market today.

Spray-Top is easy to apply, using special, modified, spray equipment to achieve a smooth, hard-troweled appearance. If you know how to spray paint you can apply Spray-Top to garage floors and other concrete surfaces.

The equipment is available through Concrete Solutions in three different sizes. Call or email us for details or click here to see packages.

Here are just a few of the high profile jobs Spray-Top has been successfully used on:

SBC Center, Texas 120,000 sq. ft. Interior Walkways
Hilton Hotel, CA 28,000 sq. ft. Driveway/Walkways
Reno Event Center 20,000 sq. ft. Interior Walkways
Olivet Nazarene University, IL 15,000 sq. ft. Exterior Stamped Concrete
Public Park, Hong Kong 140,000 sq. ft. Exterior Walkways

Hilton Hotel Parking

Olivet Nazarene Univ. — Bourbonnais, IL.

The most popular applications for Spray-Top include:

Applying Spray-Top over Regular Concrete or Polymer Concrete.
Spray-Top is great for restoring garage floor coating and other concrete surfaces that have faded, been stained, or discolored to a "like new" appearance. The job below shows a Hilton Hotel parking lot resurfaced with an Ultra Surface Polymer Concrete Swirl-Finish texture and Spray-Top, followed by our HP Urethane clear sealer.

Applying Spray-Top over regular or 1/4" stamped Concrete,
Stamped concrete surfaces may have been difficult to restore in the past but not anymore. Spray-Top makes it easy to re-color old, faded or stained stamped concrete to look like new. The job below was refinished using our WB Epoxy primer, Spray-Top, Liquid Release, Antique Powders and Stamped Concrete Sealer.

Applying Spray-Top over Interior Floors Prior toAcid Staining.
Interior concrete floors such as garage floors often have stains, discoloration, or surface blemishes that make it difficult to achieve the optimum results with acid stains. Spray-Top provides a uniform cement canvas, in any color desired, allowing for beautiful acid stained floors. If a mistake is made, simply Spray-Top over it and start again.

Another advantage of Spray-Top is that it can be sprayed over decorative saw-cuts without filling them in. The Job below was achieved using Ultra Surface Resurfacer, Spray-Top, Acid Stains and Acrylic Urethane.

Applying Spray-Top overdecorative stencils and Modello patterns.
This is the newest application Spray-Top is being used for. Instead of sandblasting, Spray-Top can be applied over decorative Modello patterns and designs to create beautiful borders, tiles and medallions on garage floors, hallways, walkways, driveways and other concrete surfaces.

Laying out
Modello design
Spraying Modello design
with Spray-Top
Apply Acid Stain
and Seal

Choose from over 100 Borders,
Tiles and Medallions?

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Besides the applications above, Spray-Top is also being used by the foam industry to make foam shapes look like cement and for vertical wall applications.

Training Classes
We offer a two-day hands-on Advanced Training Class in Las Vegas, Nevada, to teach you how to use the Spray-Top, Acid Stain, and Modello system.
Click here for more information on our Advanced Training Class.